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High risk of piracy of your content

You infoproducer, who spends your time and invests resources in your digital products, need to stop worrying about piracy and be sure that your videos are hosted in a safe place, right? On Youtube really anyone can access your video even if privacy is in unlisted. It is very easy to share the links of the videos hosted there, and if you block the click on the video to access their platform, you can lose your channel and account because this is against Youtube rules.

You can check items 4 and 5 of “Additional Prohibitions”from Youtube.

The ideal is to sell access to your courses by hosting the videos in a professional, secure and focused service, and this is Panda’s focus! In addition to the ease of sharing the links of your videos, there are also several extensions that allow you to download your video, further increasing the risk of your product being a target of piracy and even ending up being marketed for 10% of the sale value.

Compare with other platforms

Panda Video Vs. vimeo

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Panda Video Vs. Youtube

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