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The Panda Video player, in addition to being robust, has several cutting-edge technologies that help you deliver your content in the best possible way. Thus, regarding the ability to provide the content of possibilities.

We currently have 12 possibilities for interaction with our player, ranging from layout changes to closed metrics on how your content is impacting people, these are:

Smart Autoplay

Autolpay provides your content with greater interaction and lead capture.

Because the content is already being presented, the sensation of movement captivates the human being.

Learn more about Smart Autoplay

Dummy progress bar

Enable the dummy progress bar on your video.

Change the viewer's experience by giving the feeling that the video will end soon.

Learn more about Barra de progresso fictícia


Make more assertive CTA's for your course campaign.

Deliver buttons that target points you want in your video

Learn more about Buttons


Create an organization of your content and make life easier for your students.

Break down large content in a simple way and make it easier to navigate through classes.

Learn more about Chapters


Provide different qualities to your students.

Consumption adapted to the quality of the student's internet.

Learn more about Qualitys

Modify the appearance

Customize your player the way you want.

Make your course stylish and draw more attention from your Lead.

Learn more about appearance settings

Facebook Pixel

Put ID and start receiving events from spectators.

Maps your retention to targeted campaigns.

Learn more about Facebook Pixel

Continue where you stopped

Make your users' lives easier with pick-up functionality.

That way you make the return flow to your classes much bigger!

Learn more about continue where you stopped


Control what your viewers will have available to change in the player.

Deliver a more personalized experience to your users.

Learn more about Controls


Deliver your course in different languages ​​to your viewers.

In addition to being a great accessibility option.

Learn more about Subtitles


Change the default image of your video, add thumbs to make your content more attractive.

Make your course identity more attractive.

Learn more about Thumbnails

Be a panda!

Of course, with a wide range of potential players and ways to get your videos out to the public, it’s very easy to get confused. But the truth is that Panda Video is not just a Player, but a way to deliver comfort, style and security to your business. Excellent quality servers and a large number of options to leave everything that is wrapped around your content the way you believe it to be the best.