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How it works?

Resume from where you left off is a feature that is widely used in courses where there are long classes and that students often cannot watch the entirety of them, in this way we capture the moment when the user leaves the video and when he accesses again he chooses between continuing or restarting. the video.

How can I use no in my course?

Well the resource is available on the Panda Video Dashboard. After selecting a video the third option among the advanced ones. On this page will appear two options that can be activated and deactivated.

Save where you left off: Which activates the function to save where the viewer stopped watching the video.

Show warning screen That gives you the possibility to change the warning messages and change the opacity to whatever you want.

Final considerations

If you were curious and eager to test this functionality on your sales pages, don’t waste time and see which of our plans best fits your needs today. Our mission is to deliver content to your viewers in the best and safest way possible.

If for some reason you have any doubts about this functionality, you can also call our support, who will be ready to explain any doubts you may have.