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Dummy progress bar

Activate the dummy progress bar on your video and change the viewer’s experience by giving the feeling that the video will end soon.

In addition, the fanciful or fictional progress bar becomes a great help for the much-desired conversion. After all, the main idea is to give the viewer the feeling that he is watching a shorter video than it actually is.

How to configure

To configure the progress bar according to your needs is very simple, at least here at Panda Video. Just go to your Dashboard, select the video you want to apply these settings to.

  1. Within your Dashboard, among all the features it will be very simple to find the dummy progress bar, it is the second option among the advanced ones.

  2. After activating the dummy progress bar, you will have 3 options, namely: Height, Speed ​​and Percentage.

  • The height will be the vertical size of the dummy progress bar in pixels.

  • Speed ​​will be how fast the progress bar will go to the given video point.

  • While the percentage is where it will be defined how far the speed defined above will be applied.

  1. After your bar is configured, just publish the changes and see the results.

Final considerations

If you were curious and eager to test this functionality on your sales pages, don’t waste time and see which of our plans best fits your needs today. Our mission is to deliver content to your viewers in the best and safest way possible.

If for some reason you have any doubts about this functionality, you can also call our support, who will be ready to explain any doubts you may have.