Understand how our lives work

Live in member areas.

Here at Panda you can host your lives to use them safely in your members area, without running the risk of sharing them with non-students. By hosting your live here you guarantee that it will only be broadcast where you want it, only those who can access the place where your live has been integrated will have access.

The live works in the same way as your other videos on the platform, with the difference that it is broadcast live. The amount of data that is transferred to the people who will be watching will be counted in traffic just like all your videos hosted on Panda.

Is it difficult to live on Panda Video?

Live Panda Video

No, the process is extremely uncomplicated, but before anything else it is important to explain the role of Panda Video in your Live. Panda Videos will play the role of hosting your video on our servers, thus enabling you to deliver this video to the website of your choice.

To start the live you must connect a video streaming platform with Panda (eg OBS studio). We just host your live and do the secure integration with other platforms, we don’t do the streaming part (having access to the camera, microphone and screen sharing).

Can you do simultaneous lives?

Yes, on our platform we have support where it is possible to do more than one live at the same time. However, this option is only available for people using the Panda Video platform from Gold plan.

Anyway, it’s possible to do a live from any plane, if you’re curious about how to start a live on our Dashboard, we’ve created an article that documents the step by step until opening a live. In this article we use the OBS Studio application to guide the opening of live, but it can be done with any other application suitable for opening of lives.

Did you like this feature?

If you were curious and eager to test this functionality on your sales pages, don’t waste time and see which of our plans best fits your needs today. Our mission is to deliver content to your viewers in the best and safest way possible.

If for some reason you have any doubts about this functionality, you can also call our support, who will be ready to explain any doubts you may have.