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High risk of piracy of your content

You spend time and money creating your course on the Internet and some malicious people download your content to make it available for free, resell it on the Internet or even make it available for download in a group of friends. This is a common situation that affects thousands of infoproducers who are concerned about the security of their content.

If you google it, you’ll find several Vimeo video download chrome extensions. Just install the extension in Chrome (with one click) and the functionality of downloading videos without any restrictions is enabled in your browser. It is astonishing how easily a user, without the slightest technical knowledge, can download any video from Vimeo. This is due to the simple fact that Vimeo provides the MP4 file, which can be downloaded easily. Test your content yourself and you will see the extreme fragility of your content hosted on Vimeo.

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